Thursday, February 18, 2010

VentureStrategy Twitter Followers Up 21% Over Five-Day Test Period

Twitter Grows 8% In January To 73.5 Million Users

With the recent influx of new users in January of 2010, Twitter now claims 73.5 million users on the site alone. Considering that a large percentage of Twitter users prefer mobile or desktop clients to post their Tweets (rather than using the actual site itself), its real user numbers are likely much higher.

According to, Tom Martin's VentureStrategy Twitter presence now ranks #12 among all Twitter users in Fort Lauderdale. Martin tested his new Follower Growth Strategy from February 12-17, 2010. Over the five day test period, Martin's VentureStrategy Follower count exploded 4.2% per DAY, from 8,314 Followers on February 12 to 10,052 just five-days later on February 17, 2010 (1,533% annualized Twitter Follower growth rate achieved over five-day period).

Martin's proprietary Five-Day Follower Growth Strategy catapulted VentureStrategy into the top .03% of all Twitter users worldwide, to a Twitter ranking of 16,340 (of the 73.5 million global users). According to Martin; "Continued exponential Follower Growth is all but assured, and we look forward to doing the same for our clients, whose businesses can all benefit from online lead-referrals."